We designed Surge to help make things easier for early stage founders – from raising funds to hiring great talent and accessing hands-on mentorship as they build their companies.

We also want to make the process of applying to Surge more founder-focused, so starting today, you will be able to apply for Surge all year round. As soon as the applications for one batch close, the next batch will open immediately on the following day.  So you can apply to Surge at any point in the year – and you’ll hear back within a specific time frame.

Here’s how it works.

  • Surge is a five-week program that’s spread over a 16-week period (roughly one week per month). There are two cohorts each year – one that runs from March to July, and another than runs from September to January.
  • Surge 03 2020 kicks off in March 2020, and founders can apply any time between Oct 9, 2019 and Jan 15, 2020.
  • Starting next year, we’ll move to a six-month cycle where applications can be submitted from January to July for one cohort and July to January for the next.

Below you can find the precise application deadlines for each Surge program:


NOTE: Application closing dates effective on 11:59pm IST. So 03 2020 applications close on 15 January 2020 at 11:59pm IST.


Getting a timely response

We understand that applicants want to know where they stand as soon as possible.  So you’ll get an answer, within a set period of time as per the table below:

NOTE: Application receipt dates effective on 11:59pm IST. So 15 Nov 2019 means 11:59pm IST on the evening of 15 Nov 2019.

We’ve made these changes to ensure you never need to wait to apply for Surge. Click here to get your application rolling now.