Surge 08 Founders in Delhi

Founders from our latest cohort, Surge 08, gathered for the first time on a cold, crisp February day in Delhi. Meeting everyone together, in person, and hearing their individual stories, insights and visions for the future was incredibly energising for the whole Surge team!

Surge 08 includes 30 inspiring founders, from twelve companies, who are building futuristic products across climate tech, AI, the Metaverse, and digital health, as well as new consumer brands and new models of e-commerce. 

Half of Surge 08 startups have at least one female founder, including an AI and natural language processing PhD holder focused on AI in healthcare and two medical doctors from Indonesia who are leveraging technology to democratise access to health and wellness services.

Surge 08 female founders

Surge 08 also includes two health tech companies using AI to improve insurance and medical imaging, two climate-tech companies, a metaverse gaming platform for GenZ, an AI company that’s worked with NASA, as well as three exciting consumer companies that are building new-age brands in the home decor, food and wedding sectors.

Surge’s curated community of startups now includes eight cohorts, 300+ founders and 130+ startups across 16+ sectors. 

The three days we spent with Surge 08 to kick off the program were incredibly special. Our founders met each other and the Surge team for both one-on-one and community time. They had AMA sessions with Sanjeev Bikhchandani (InfoEdge), Abhiraj Bahl (Urban Company) and Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal) as well as AMAs with Surge founders from previous cohorts.

In addition, we held sessions on the key stages of company building, mission and vision workshops and a deep dive into the mindset and psychology of what we call ‘Founder’s DNA’.

Each of our Surge 08 founders is inspiring us by their pioneering work and their ability to reimagine their sectors. We caught a glimpse of what the world could look like over the next decade in healthcare, AI, gaming, e-commerce and consumer brands and we’re so excited to partner with them at the start of this exciting journey! To read more about each company, click here.

Here are some pics of our time together in Delhi 🙂👇🏼