We are proud to welcome 17 startups to the Surge community. Despite a tumultuous year, these founders, who embody resilience and the spirit of innovation, have navigated many challenges to build breakthrough solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

Surge 04, which kicked off on November 19, comprises startups across a wide range of sectors including EdTech, FinTech, SME Tech, DevTools, Consumer, HealthTech and B2B marketplaces. This cohort is unique in that half of the startups are SaaS companies. What’s more, 11 of the 17 companies are building for global or regional markets, pushing beyond their geographical borders from day one.

Continuing to serve our founders through an ‘open architecture’ approach, Surge 04 startups collectively raised $45.35 million in their Surge round from both Surge and co-investors. As with prior cohorts, a majority of companies are coming into the program with institutional and angel co-investors.

Surge 04 startups are headquartered in India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia. We are thrilled that Surge has grown into a vibrant, international community of over 150 founders in under two years. This cohort alone has founders based in seven countries – USA, Belgium, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia.

Like Surge 03, Surge 04 will run entirely online through to mid-March 2021. The online format has allowed us to make the program more interactive and inclusive, even for founders from prior cohorts. Several sessions are now open to all Surge alumni. As we say amongst the Surge team, “Surge never ends” – and it’s evident when we look at how the community has grown, and how they continue to connect with each other. Founders from Surge 04 are already reaching out to each other and to startups from previous cohorts, partnering up and collaborating to support each other’s businesses. We are also delighted and grateful that an extraordinary number of Surge mentors, including founders of the largest companies in the region, have continued to commit their time to educate and inspire founders of Surge 04.

Surge 04 is a special batch of startups. These companies have shown remarkable resilience in what has been a very tough year, and we are super excited to leverage our experience, learning, and resources to help them succeed. Every startup in this cohort has the potential to make a global impact, and we can’t wait to see each of them leave their indelible mark on the world.

To meet Surge 04 2020, click here.