In the nine short months since we launched, Surge has grown into a community of more than 80 founders from 37 startups, spread across six countries and from more than 10 industry verticals. We are immensely fortunate and grateful to the 50-plus mentors and speakers who have contributed their invaluable time, advice and resources. We are thrilled to have dozens of co-investors, including angels and funds, supporting Surge startups.  We are excited and encouraged about our progress together as a community and an ecosystem across India and Southeast Asia.

Surge 02 2019 kicked off on Sept 23, and today we have the privilege of introducing the 20 companies in this cohort.

A core tenet of Surge is to work with exceptional founders who have the potential to build extremely large and impactful companies.  We are thrilled to welcome in Surge 02 a deeply committed and passionate group of founders who are solving a wide range of problems  across a diverse set of industry verticals, including Consumer Internet, EdTech, AgTech, Clean Energy, Social Commerce, Fintech, SaaS, Robotics and DTC brands.

When we launched Surge at the start of 2019, we noted that it’s never too early to talk to Sequoia – and that no stage is too early for Surge. We’re doubling down on that with Surge 02. Six of the startups in Surge 02 2019 are pre-launch – or were pre-launch when we selected them for the program. And we are incredibly excited to take the very first steps on their journey with them.

Surge was designed with an ‘open architecture’ approach, and we believe it’s important to work with investment partners to serve our founders better. Eighty percent of Surge 02 startups are coming onboard with co-investors, collectively raising upwards of $45 Mn in Surge rounds.

After the first week of work with Surge 02 founders, our heads are swimming with the possibilities and potential of these startups. It’s both humbling and thrilling. We hope you share our sense of excitement as you get to know these companies.

To meet Surge 02 2019, click here.