What sector and/or stage should my company be at?

Please read ‘Apply’

How do I apply?

You may apply by filling out the following application form.

I have a co-founder. Can we both attend? What if there are three or four of us?

We require (and accept) only 1 application per company/team. If your company is selected, we will encourage all co-founders to attend the program.


How will the Surge community help me build my company?

Surge is designed to amp up your idea and supercharge your startup. Founders will work with Surge team members, mentors and experts to make tangible progress towards launching or accelerating their companies.

  • Surge Team:  Each company will work with the Surge team to define actionable 16-week goals. The team will help you lay down the overall strategy, track weekly progress and connect you to mentors and experts.


  • Mentors: The Surge mentor panel consists of successful startup founders, operators, company builders and experienced investors.  These are people who have been there, done that!  They can help brainstorm growth hacks for your start-up or even get down into the weeds with you when required.


  • Experts:  These are internal and external professionals that will be able to help you with their respective domains of technology, recruiting, marketing, finance, legal/compliance, and fund raising. If and when you have specific questions, such as how to scale your technology platform to deal with hypergrowth, or how to most effectively structure your ESOP pool, you may call upon help from these experts. Founders can request for 1×1 office hours with experts throughout the program.


Why should I make trips to US or China when I am building for Indian or Southeast Asian markets?

With customers and stakeholders coming from all corners of the world, there is an increasing need for founders to have a global outlook, learn from best-in-class companies across geographies, and expand their horizons. US has seen evolution of the world’s most iconic SaaS companies while China is leading the charge in product and business model innovation for consumer platform businesses. Exposure to best practices in different markets provide leverage to any business.


I am based out of India/SE Asia but building for a global market. Is Surge relevant for me?

The world’s best companies are increasingly being built from anywhere and are global in approach. For example, India is the biggest market for Stockholm based Truecaller, OYO Rooms is operating internationally, including China, Southeast Asia and the UK, Go-Jek is expanding in the ASEAN, Stripe is used by companies from over 120 countries and Zomato has presence in multiple markets outside India.

Our AMP curriculum, cross-border trips & international panel of coaches and mentors have all been designed with global sensibilities and an increasingly international audience in mind.


Where do I stay in Singapore / China / US etc? How do I pay for my travel / food / lodging during the 16 weeks?

Founders will book & pay for their own travel, which they are welcome to fund from their Surge investment.


How much funding will my company receive?

Please click here to read more about ‘funding and terms’.


What is the program schedule?

There will be AMP workshops that run on selected weeks; weekly dinners with your cohort and senior ecosystem founders and investors; and week-long global immersion trips. Meanwhile, you will continue to work on building your company during execution sprints throughout the program.  For a detailed program overview, see About Surge.

What happens during UpSurge?

Founders have the opportunity to present their businesses to a larger set of venture and strategic corporate investors during UpSurge, which will consist of a series of networking mixers and one-on-one meetings.

There is no high-stakes, high-stress ‘capital auction’ style demo day. This week is designed to give you the opportunity to make connections, build relationships and find prospective partners who’ll be with you for the long term.


What happens after the 16 weeks are over?

You’ll stay connected with the rest of the Surge movement through alumni and networking events designed to strengthen the community.

The relationships you form with other founders, coaches, mentors and experts will have an impact on your entrepreneurial journey long after you’ve graduated.


Will Surge see any involvement by other VCs/funds going forward?

At Surge we aim to collaborate with the broader early stage ecosystem; we will invite other funds, angel investors and ecosystem partners to mentor founders and take part in future funding rounds.


I have already raised early-stage funding. Can I still apply?

Yes. For companies that have already raised angel, seed or other early-stage funding, Surge will help you get to Series A faster.

I want to raise more than $3 million. Can I still apply to Surge?

Yes. Surge is open to syndicating with other existing or new investors.


(n) A sharp swell or wave. Sudden, powerful growth. A marked increase in voltage. (v) To rise, or move forward, quickly.