• LaunchedJanuary 2019
    FoundersWei Qing Jen and Samuel Lipoff
    Co-InvestorsDSG Consumer Partners
    PublishedApril, 2019

Vybes’ vision is to power millions of social media influencers who want to sell products to their followers, but don’t have access to awesome products or the tools to run an online store.

Vybes believes that the future of commerce is social and that influencers should be empowered to become key drivers of social commerce, not just models paid to make beautiful posts.

Vybes provides influencers with thousands of products to select from and tools to create a beautiful online store in seconds. In turn, brands gain access to influencers from around the world as new sales channels.

With over 400,000 influencers in its database, a proprietary AI engine that matches the right products to the right influencers, and a performance-based reward structure for its influencers, Vybes offers a unique, scalable and powerful influencer commerce channel.

The company was founded in Singapore by Wei Qing Jen and Samuel Lipoff, both Harvard-educated entrepreneurs who’ve built businesses in the USA, China, and Singapore.

Before co-founding Vybes, Wei Qing worked as an Associate Director at Temasek in Beijing and with McKinsey in New York. She sits on the executive committee of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Career Women’s Group. Sam started a desktop search engine company after college that became part of the first Y Combinator batch.  He attended MIT as a PhD student in computational chemistry.