• LaunchedJuly 2018
    FoundersKevin Nguyen & Gareth Nguyen
    PublishedApril, 2019

Uiza is an API platform for video streaming that allows a wide range of companies, brands and services to bypass the likes of YouTube and stream videos directly from their own app.

The world is moving to video, but many brands find that it’s still incredibly hard to add video and livestreaming to their app. Companies that use services like YouTube miss out on monetization, user engagement and key user data. Building and maintaining a video platform from scratch, however, involves complexity around ingestion, syndication, encoding, metadata extraction, delivery and analytics.

Uiza’s platform leverages machine learning and data science to streamline this workflow and make the best in-local content delivery routing decision.  All the complexity in the process is hidden behind a simple API through a hardware-agnostic infrastructure, giving users complete control, high availability and unlimited scalability. This makes it possible for developers to add both video and live streaming into their application with a few lines of code, in a simple, fast and cost-effective way.

The company’s customers include e-commerce platforms that allow sellers to demonstrate their products and interact with buyers in real time through livestreaming; a regional online education company that delivers their learning materials to millions of students in Southeast Asia; an e-sports streaming platform in Indonesia and LINE, which uses Uiza’s platform to stream content that caters to millions of women in Vietnam.

Uiza was founded by Kevin Nguyen and Gareth Nguyen. Before setting up Uiza, Kevin co-founded Topica’s Edumall, a technology platform for online open courses with 2 million students. When he was 23, he co-founded VnLoctra, building a US$1 million ARR software localization platform using machine translation, which he later sold. Gareth spent the majority of his career growing tech products, and working in sales, marketing and business development. Before Uiza, he ran his own venture, providing home automation technology including video systems to enhance living standards of Vietnamese consumers.