• LaunchedFebruary 2022
    FoundersGarri Juanda and Mesty Ariotedjo
    Co-InvestorsGoodwater Capital, Insignia Venture Partners, Paragon and Venturra
    PublishedMarch, 2023

Tentang Anak is Indonesia’s fastest growing parenting ecosystem that provides a one-stop solution for holistic child development. Supported by best-in-class pediatric and early childhood development experts, the platform – whose name translates to “About Children” – curates quality, scientifically-backed products, services and advice for children’s development.

Today, as many as 43% of Indonesia’s children are not reaching their full physical and cognitive potential. Several factors contribute to these challenges, such as information overload for parents, the lack of expert, scientifically-backed advice, as well as the absence of comprehensive tools to track and nurture childhood growth, and high-quality and affordable children’s products. Moreover, there are only 4,000 paediatricians for Indonesia’s 80 million children.

Parents can access Tentang Anak’s personalized in-app content tailored to a child’s growth stage and receive advice from a highly qualified in-house team of pediatricians, OBGYN, child psychologists and financial planners. The wealth of resources available include free consultations, growth trackers, nutritional guides and more.

Tentang Anak also develops and curates the best products and brands for children that are sold in-app and from its marketplace. For example, its range of books and puzzles is extremely popular, and more than 37,000 books have been sold on its marketplace. Tentang Anak is developing another line of products (other than edu-tools) that will be launched in April 2023.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Tentang Anak was founded by Dr. Mesty Ariotedjo and Garri Juanda in November 2021. Mesty, a pediatrician with over a decade of experience, is now pursuing a  Master of Public Health degree at Johns Hopkins University. Garri, who has more than 10 years of product and business operations experience in technology, has worked at Tokopedia and Rakuten Japan. He comes from a family with roots in early childhood education and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.