• LaunchedAugust 2019
    FoundersFeida “Fredy” Liu, Rizky Maulana and Yongming He
    PublishedOctober, 2019

Storie is a one-stop lifestyle community platform that answers consumer questions with useful and inspiring content and user-generated reviews.

Storie aims to empower Indonesian people to make better product choices through the best input and most honest and inspiring experiences. Users can search and share first-hand experiences, photos and frank reviews to help community members make the right decision about lifestyle products and services.

The company launched in August 2019 with an initial focus on the beauty category. Within just one month, Storie became Indonesia’s No. 1 App in the Beauty Category on Google Play.

Storie founded by Fredy Liu, Rizky Maulana and Yongming He who have extensive experience across many MNC digital companies focusing on the Indonesian Lifestyle Market, and have a deep understanding of Indonesian consumers.