• LaunchedOctober 2018
    FoundersMilky Mahmud, Nazmul Sheik and Sinthia Islam
    Co-InvestorSBK Tech
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Shajgoj is on a mission to inspire every woman to celebrate beauty with confidence by providing authentic products at reasonable prices from renowned brands and local distributors through their physical stores and online platforms.

Over 180 million people in Bangladesh access information on beauty and skincare, but the availability of authentic beauty products is limited. This sometimes leads users to buy counterfeit products that can damage the skin. Through its online and physical stores, Shajgoj sells over 10,000 products from over 400 renowned brands to over 350,000 customers. Shajgoj also features informative videos to guide their customers through the latest trends in beauty and personal care.

Shajgoj was founded in May 2013 by Milky Mahmud, Nazmul Sheik and Sinthia Islam in Bangladesh. Milky previously worked at Ericsson Global as a Telecom Consultant and has experience in other Telcos across Africa. Nazmul worked as a senior executive at GrameenPhone and as a Technology Consultant at MTN, a major telecom operator in Nigeria. Sinthia is a Content Specialist in the beauty industry and is currently Chief Content Officer of Shajgoj. Her previous experience was with MedPlus, a pharmacy and beauty supply chain in Nigeria.