• LaunchedJune 2019
    FoundersArihant Jain and Ajeet Kushwaha
    PublishedOctober, 2019

Seekify is a Customer Experience (CX) Automation Platform that helps businesses automate their CX without losing the human touch.

Customers simply expect more. But for businesses to offer a great customer experience is not easy. Businesses are dealing with too many different needs, too many touchpoints, too many software, too much data – too much everything!

Seekify easily integrates into a businesses’ many customer experience software programs to aggregate all the data that drives their CX. The platform helps to set clear goals and gives actionable insights from all their data – with the help of their AI and ML engine. Seekify also automates the actions needed to improve customers’ CX – hence closing the loop.

The company was founded in June 2019 in New Delhi, India by Arihant Jain and Ajeet Kushwaha, who believe that automation and AI should be used to support and augment humans, not replace them.

Arihant and Ajeet cofounded Joe Hukum, a DIY chatbot platform that was later acquired by Freshworks Inc. They were also founding team members of start-ups popularly known as Healthkart and 1mg. Arihant holds an Economics degree from Stanford and an MBA from INSEAD. Ajeet holds an engineering degree from IIT- Kanpur.