• LaunchedSeptember 2019
    FoundersAmit RG and GDJ Dorai
    PublishedNovember, 2020

Richpanel is a customer service platform, purpose-built for e-commerce merchants to deliver a buying experience better than leading online retail sites. Merchants use Richpanel to design an Amazon-style account page to automate order tracking, returns, refunds, cancellations, order changes and more.

As commerce continues to shift online, the digital store has become the primary point-of-sale for many merchants globally. Superior customer service has become one of the core pillars for businesses to differentiate themselves, but a vast majority of retailers still rely on a team of agents and a ticketing system to handle customer queries. Supporting customers through live chat, email and phone calls is expensive, resource intensive and not scalable. Large companies such as Amazon and Uber have built their own portals to automate common tasks such as returning an item, disputing a cancellation fee or reporting missing items, but smaller e-commerce stores do not have these automated capabilities.

Richpanel helps businesses launch self-service capabilities on their e-commerce stores in less than a day. The end customers can use the portal to resolve most of their queries without contacting support agents. They can also send in photos of damaged orders, or dispute an item without having to provide order numbers or other details. This removes friction from the customers’ journey while providing personalisation at scale for the e-commerce platforms.

For the support agents, Richpanel provides a unified inbox to manage customer queries from email, live chat, social media and phone calls. Agents can access and utilise the customer history next to each message and take order actions without leaving the inbox. Today, over 1,000 merchants all over the world use Richpanel every day to support their customers.

Richpanel was founded in January 2019 by Amit RG and GDJ Dorai with headquarters in both India and the US. Amit started coding at 16, worked with several startups before joining an e-commerce consulting firm where he worked for five years in multiple roles. Dorai was an advisor and mentor to Amit at his previous company and is now his co-founder. He has more than 25 years of e-commerce experience and was Head of Sales Operations and Solutions Strategies for eBay for over 10 years.