• LaunchedJanuary 2022
    FoundersDerek Lukacs and Shivam Sharma
    Co-InvestorsY Combinator
    PublishedMarch, 2023

RedBrick AI is a purpose-built SaaS platform that helps companies build medical imaging artificial intelligence.

Medical imagery is an essential source of truth in clinical diagnosis and comprises about 90% of all healthcare data. AI systems can dramatically shorten the time to diagnosis, improve clinician productivity by triaging high-importance cases, and act as the first line of defense in under-staffed clinical environments.

However, researchers cannot use medical images to train AI systems until they are cleaned and expertly annotated. Training an AI system also requires hundreds of annotated medical images and thousands of hours of annotation by clinicians. Due to the complexity, size, and unique nature of medical images, clinicians have to resort to traditional and difficult-to-use clinical tools to perform annotations.

RedBrick AI provides clinicians with high-quality data annotation tools that accelerate the preparation of training datasets. They address several challenges such as the complexity of existing annotation tools, quality control and machine learning integration. The platform’s specialized annotation tools can be accessed through the browser and are designed to be used without prior training. RedBrick AI also offers semi-automated tools to annotate complex 3D medical images.

RedBrick AI was founded in September 2020 by Shivam Sharma and Derek Lukacs. Both Shivam and Derek previously worked on SpaceX’s Hyperloop technology and participated in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Shivam has a background in aerospace engineering and computer science from the University of Michigan, while Derek holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan.