• LaunchedSeptember 2018
    FoundersHarshet Lunani & Tommy Martin
    Co-InvestorsSeedPlus, MassMutual Ventures SEA, Golden Gate, MDI, CCV, Genesia
    PublishedApril, 2019

Qoala is an Insurtech company on a mission to revolutionize insurance through a combination of underwriting risk for high frequency events in daily lives and photo-based claims, assisted by machine learning.

Qoala aims to delight customers by creating a seamless customer experience through parametric claims and personalized products while helping insurers reduce costs and risk through digital fraud detection. They collaborate with leading insurers to develop insurance products for new use cases, such as flight delays, hotel quality checks, e-commerce logistics, cancelled movie tickets, phone screen damages etc. and sell to end customers through a wide network of ecosystem partners.

This ease and transparency for what is usually a complicated process lets users take greater control of their lives, making insurance claims as simple as ordering a pizza through an app.

Founded by Oxford University and UCL graduates Harshet Lunani and Tommy Martin, the team comprises individuals from diverse industry backgrounds through their experiences at BCG, Traveloka, AXA, BIMA, Tokopedia, AXA, Line, Accenture and Bank Mandiri, among others.