• LaunchedMarch 2022
    FoundersAnvi Shah, Neehar Modi and Sachin Parikh
    PublishedAugust, 2022

Pratech Brands helps new age Indian consumers upgrade their quality of life through better home and health products.

Pratech has launched its first brand, Tesora, for modern home and kitchen appliances and chic cookware. It offers aesthetically designed, easy-to-use products with a focus on convenience and functionality. The Tesora brand range includes bladeless fans, air fryers, ovens, kettles, and more that serve as statement pieces for the modern home.

Pratech is also launching Hyugalife, a multi-brand vertical e-retailer for health and wellness products with a vision to make India happier and healthier. By providing both educational content and a wide assortment of brands, HyugaLife will help consumers find and purchase the right products for their specific wellness needs.

Pratech Brands was founded in Mumbai in October 2021 by Anvi Shah, Neehar Modi and Sachin Parikh, who all have global experience at market-leading platforms and brands. Anvi, a Cambridge University graduate, has held leadership roles at Unilever and Amazon and was a co-founder of FitPermit, an online portal providing access to premium gyms. Neehar, a University of Oxford graduate, has led teams at Amazon in roles spanning the EU, Singapore and the Middle East. Sachin, a University of Michigan graduate, has served as the CFO of Nykaa. Previously he worked in the US at Deloitte and at Continental, where he was a resident engineer and later, project manager.

*Angel Investor: Nihir Nalin Parikh