• LaunchedAugust 2015
    FoundersHideki Fujita and Roy Lim
    Co-InvestorAuric Pacific Group, DSG Consumer Partners
    PublishedOctober, 2019

PerroMart is an O2O pet care company with a mission to help strengthen the bond between pets and humans for a lifetime.

Pet ownership is rising sharply in Southeast Asia, tracking the rise in income and spending power across the region. ASEAN’s pet care market is worth $1.4B and is growing annually by 12.7%.

PerroMart, which started in August 2015 in Singapore as an e-commerce platform, is moving to an omnichannel business model that will allow the company to reach the larger proportion of Southeast Asia’s pet owners who still shop offline, and add new services – such as vet care and grooming – to cover the entire value chain.

The company, which has a presence in Singapore and Malaysia, plans to expand its retail presence to key ASEAN markets. At the same time, PerroMart aims to grow its branded pet food range into a global brand through its platform.

PerroMart was founded by Roy Lim, who owns three dogs, has experience working in finance and operating a local retail business, and Hideki Fujita, who has invested in several successful startups, including SMS CO Ltd., FullSpeed Inc., Rentracks Co Ltd,. and GoGoVan.