• LaunchedDecember 2019
    FoundersAdarsh Kumar, Arya Adarsha Gautam and Rupesh Kumar Mishra
    PublishedNovember, 2020

PagarBook is a mobile-first payroll and workforce management app that aims to digitise human capital management for SMEs in India.

The vast majority of India’s workforce is employed by 40 million SMEs and work in unorganised sector jobs in manufacturing, construction, retail and small service firms. There are little or no systems in place for employers to manage this large workforce. Many of these companies keep manual records, which makes it next to impossible to track attendance, wage details, loans, expenses and salary advancements with 100% accuracy. Employees, meanwhile, do not receive any formal employment benefits, and do not have access to banking systems due to a lack of payslips and employment history.

PagarBook’s easy-to-use human resource management platform aims to solve this problem for SMEs and their employees. Nearly three million SMEs use the app, which is available in over 10 languages, to track attendance and manage the payroll of nearly eight million employees. The company aims to launch a version for employees that will help them track their employment history, view job boards, and also access loans, savings accounts and other financial services.

PagarBook was founded in Bengaluru in December 2019 by Adarsh Kumar, Arya Adarsha Gautam and Rupesh Kumar Mishra. They previously co-founded GyanApp, India’s first knowledge-sharing platform for non-English speaking Internet users. Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer by profession. Arya is a full-stack developer with a background in product development and design. Rupesh is also a serial entrepreneur with a background in product management.

*Angel Investor: Kunal Shah