• LaunchedMarch 2019
    FoundersScott Reismanis and Patrick Sotiriou
    Co-InvestorsMakers Fund, Play Ventures and Angels*
    PublishedNovember, 2020

mod.io is a service that helps game developers launch in-game, platform-agnostic user-generated content (UGC) communities.

Currently, the gaming market is dominated by games that provide continuous content updates for their players. While most of this content has historically been supplied through in-house professionals (Professionally Generated Content), more and more studios have begun to unlock the potential of UGC by putting creator tools in the hands of their gamers. mod.io believes that by empowering gamers to become content creators, it will greatly impact and transform how games are created, consumed and commercialised.

The mod.io platform provides developers with the tools to integrate and run their user-generated content (‘mods’) in-game across various gaming platforms, while also managing the complexities around moderation, discovery and monetisation.

Since its launch in 2019, over 50 games power their mod and creator communities with mod.io, with 120,000 users accessing the platform daily on PC, console and mobile. Together they have created 165,000 pieces of content, with over 65 million mods installed in total.

mod.io was founded in Melbourne, Australia in February 2017 by Scott Reismanis and Patrick Sotiriou. Together, Scott and Patrick bring a combined total of 30 years of experience in operating creator communities for many of the industry’s leading games. Their passion for user-generated content began with ModDB, a community for mod creators that Scott founded in 2002. The platform remains one of the largest and most respected mod communities in the world.

*Angel Investors: GameTech Ventures and Machinefloor