• LaunchedOctober 2021
    FoundersManikumar Uppala, Saurav Goyal and Shubham Vishvakarma
    Co-InvestorsSpeciale Invest, Theia Ventures and Angels*
    PublishedMarch, 2023

Metastable Materials is a deep tech company pioneering a low-cost, clean and highly scalable method of recycling lithium-ion batteries. Their mission is to power the circular supply chain for a sustainable tomorrow.

Lithium-ion battery recycling, which today is a US$4.6 billion industry, is expected to grow at least five times by 2030. Natural reserves of the metals that go into EV batteries are finite, and as EV adoption continues to accelerate so will the demand for raw and recycled materials. Many nations – including the EU – plan to introduce regulations to ensure that batteries can be repurposed or recycled at the end of their life. 

Current recycling methods face poor unit economics, scalability issues and unsustainable supply chain practices. Metastable has developed the world’s first, chemical-free Integrated Carbothermal Reduction™ process for recycling and extracting valuable materials from lithium-ion batteries. This includes environmentally-friendly metal extraction technology, as well as storage and transportation solutions to safely move used batteries from consumers to recycling facilities. The end-to-end solution will unlock the potential for any city to create a sustainable supply of lithium and other critical metals.

Metastable Materials was founded in October 2021 in Bengaluru by Manikumar Uppala, Saurav Goyal and Shubham Vishvakarma, who have known each other since their time at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Manikumar and Shubham worked together at NBC Bearings by CK Birla Group and specialized in industrial engineering and process engineering respectively. Saurav previously worked at Bristlecone, a Mahindra Group company, and will bring to the table his expertise in supply chain planning.

*Angel investors: Akshay Singhal, Archana Priyadershini, Kartik Hajela and Sanjeev Rangrass