• LaunchedApril 2019
    FoundersAsad Khan and Jay Singh
    Co-Investors Blume Ventures, Entrée Capital, Leo Capital and Angels*
    PublishedNovember, 2020

LambdaTest is a testing infrastructure company which allows users and developers to run both manual and automated tests on their websites and web apps on over 2,000 different browsers, browser versions and operating system environments.

There are thousands of different devices in the market that provide access to the web, and companies need to test their software across multiple browsers and platforms before pushing a website or app into production. In today’s agile development cycles, test automation is becoming more important – but building an in-house device lab that scales with a company’s testing requirements can be prohibitively expensive.

LambdaTest provides a scalable, cloud-based testing platform, allowing developers to increase their browser coverage, and cut down on overall test execution times by running multiple tests in parallel. With LambdaTest, developers can test their website’s look, feel and performance on different browsers, operating systems and device combinations. They also allow users to pull together a set of these tests to form an automated test suite that can be executed against a build.

The company’s ultimate goal is to bring the whole testing ecosystem to the cloud platform, where all testing processes are done in a seamlessly integrated infrastructure that is easy to scale up, easy to debug, easy to fix, and ultimately responsible for bringing out the best quality products in the shortest amount of time.

The platform has been used to perform over 12 million tests in just three years, and is now being used by over 350,000 users across 132 different countries. LambdaTest customers include individuals, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Cisco, Deloitte, Media.net, Coca Cola, Trepp, SurveyMonkey, Capgemini, HBR and Zoho.

LambdaTest was founded in 2017 in San Francisco by Asad Khan and Jay Singh. Asad previously built and scaled 360Logica, a testing service company that employed over 300 people, and was acquired by a renowned, listed IT company. Jay is a serial entrepreneur who has led and mentored high-performing sales and customer success teams over the past 16 years.

*Angel investors: Gokul Rajaram, Navroz D. Udwadia, Ramakant Sharma and Richard Matthew Gerson