• LaunchedJanuary 2023
    FoundersAishwarya Goel and Nilesh Agarwal
    Co-InvestorsAntler India, Blume Founders Fund & Angels**
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Inferless is pioneering a serverless GPU inference solution designed to empower AI/ML companies to deploy their models effortlessly.

By eliminating the need to manage servers and simplifying the deployment of complex custom models, Inferless users can concentrate on refining their models and enhancing their customers’ experiences.

The company’s transparent, flexible billing system can also help customers save up to 80% on infrastructure costs while maintaining optimal latency and autoscaling capabilities. They are able to reduce model load times to mere seconds when compared to other serverless GPU providers. Inferless achieves this by positioning high IOPS storage close to GPUs and leveraging their proprietary load balancer to automatically scale services with minimal overhead.

Inferless was founded in January 2023 by Aishwarya Goel and Nilesh Agarwal, both second time founders with impressive track records. They entered Surge 06 with a startup in the HRtech space and later pivoted to Inferless.

Nilesh, a former software engineer at Amazon and Trilogy Group, has played crucial roles in developing core infrastructure, including a Machine Learning-based ads automation platform. He also founded Codejudge Inc., a code-simulation platform for developers, and holds a patent for Graph Technology utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Aishwarya started her first venture in the foodtech space and later worked as a founding team member at Trupay, where she built government, healthcare, and retail categories from the ground up. Later, she joined PhonePe and spearheaded merchant acquisition and execution for consumer-to-government digital payments that helped her build expertise in growth for tech companies.

*At the time of partnership, Inferless was known as PeakPerformer and was a platform to democratise leadership coaching for managers.

**Angel Investors: Ashish Gupta and Deepak Anchala