• LaunchedJanuary 2018
    FoundersAlex Tan and Kelvin Lee
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

IIMMPACT is a one-stop platform for payments and data aggregation for Southeast Asian companies. Their mission is to help companies in the region build fintech solutions by providing a full suite of world class APIs ranging from mobile top-ups, utility bills, government services, insurance and travel under one umbrella.

The lack of technological maturity in Southeast Asia has resulted in companies spending huge amounts of time and effort integrating digital services one by one. E-wallets, banks and e-commerce companies have attempted to assemble these fragmented financial services and data. However, this is resource intensive and distracts them from their core business.

By building the API layer that connects all these fragmented services, IIMMPACT provides easy payment access to hundreds of digital services. The API offers not just payments but also rich customer data across financial health, governments, insurance, billing, etc. Valuable data for an everyday user is available by connecting to IIMMPACT. Companies that leverage IIMMPACT’s API are able to grow exponentially, improve their customers retention and save significant time and resources. In 2021 alone, IIMMPACT processed over $90 million in transaction value.

IIMMPACT was founded in December 2017. Alex is one of the leading experts in data analytics – his forte is to transform raw data into valuable insights using AI and ML. He worked in global powerhouses such as RMIT University, Macleay College, Adidas, and Coles. Kelvin served as Head of Engineering at Circles.MD and was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Moovby. He has held leadership roles at multiple startups covering BNPL, car sharing, healthtech and fintech.