• LaunchedJuly 2018
    FoundersKarthi Mariappan, Nilam Chand Jain and Srinivasan Krishnan
    Co-InvestorsKae Capital
    PublishedApril, 2019

Hippo Video is a next-gen video marketing SaaS platform that leverages AI and machine learning technologies to help marketers create, edit and personalize video content, analyse responses and convert more viewers into customers.

The company sits at the intersection of two rapidly emerging trends in how companies communicate with their customers: video-based content and personalization for each customer’s needs. Hippo’s platform allows clients to embed videos, create mass-in video personalisation, design hyper-personalized account-based marketing outreach, send bulk email campaigns, generate detailed video performance reports, and onboard prospects with personalized, one-to-one sales videos.

Hippo counts over 200 companies across the globe as customers, including Freshworks, Lessonly, Tailwinds, Chargebee, Essilor and Goulet Pens. Its freemium platform has over 400,000 users; the majority are based in the U.S., where the company is also incorporated.

Hippo Video was co-founded by Karthi Mariappan, Nilam Chand Jain and Srinivasan Krishnan, who worked together for over 15 years at Zoho, a Chennai-based SaaS company. The trio, whose experience spans product strategy, full-stack architecture and data science, built more than 10 products from scratch at Zoho, including several multi-million-dollar services that cater to global customers. Girish Mathrubootham, the founder of Freshworks – which joined India’s Unicorn club last year – is both an angel investor in the company, and a strategic advisor.