• Launched April 2021
    Founder Grace Yun Xia
    Co-InvestorLeo Capital
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

​​HelloMida is a DTC fashion brand, built on a Real Time Retail model, that empowers Southeast Asia’s digitally native Gen Z consumers to express and celebrate their individualism.

Southeast Asia’s young and increasingly affluent population want a greater variety of clothing styles to look and feel their best, without breaking the bank. HelloMida, which offers over 200 new designs daily and has a collection of more than 3,000 designs at any given time, makes browsing and purchasing fun, effortless and affordable.

Delivering a long-tail style selection without sacrificing speed and taking on an inventory burden is hard for traditional fashion companies. HelloMida’s direct-from-factory infrastructure and data-driven approach on designing and merchandising allows the company to deliver an incredibly wide selection in real time. The fashion industry supply chain in China has gone through a paradigm shift leading to manufacturers realigning their capacity and workflow to produce products rapidly at the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ). Since its launch, HelloMida has cultivated strong relationships with manufacturers in China and built a close feedback loop with consumers, designers, marketers and factories. HelloMida is currently operational in Vietnam and is scaling rapidly.

HelloMida was founded in April 2021 in Singapore by Grace Yun Xia. Grace, who holds an MBA from Duke University, is a Kauffman Fellow and a Milken Institute Young leader. Grace has expertise in product and strategy, having served as an investor and board member in direct-to-consumer startups in Southeast Asia earlier. Before setting up HelloMida, Grace worked as Senior Director of Corporate Strategy and Development for Southeast Asia at Tencent.