• LaunchedAugust 2021
    FoundersHaritabh Singh and Naomi Chopra
    Co-InvestorsKae Capital and Angels*
    PublishedAugust, 2022

In a world of distributed teams and SaaS sprawl, Hatica is on a mission to provide engineering managers and leaders with the visibility and insights to help them build productive and healthy engineering teams.

It’s become harder than ever for engineering managers and leaders to understand and assess how their teams are doing, where their effort is being spent, and what problems they’re facing in the delivery lifecycle, thanks to the continued explosion of software tools and the rise of remote teams. Achieving engineering excellence and enhancing the developer experience is a huge challenge for organizations.

Hatica equips engineering teams with software development analytics, alongside team productivity and workflow insights, to help them drive engineering excellence, alignment and well-being. Hatica works by connecting with all the apps used by developers to gather work done, from GitHub and Jira, to CI/CD and incident management systems, to automatically build end-to-end process visibility and activity dashboards for engineering teams and leaders for data-driven management.

Hatica was founded in June 2020 by Haritabh Singh and Naomi Chopra in San Francisco. Haritabh completed his education at IIT Kharagpur, interned at eBay and was a software engineer at Uber. Naomi studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology, then worked at Cisco as a software engineer after graduation. He later joined Uber in San Francisco, then moved to India to help establish Uber’s engineering office in Bengaluru while leading their Maps AI team.

*Angel Investors: Akshay Kothari, Apurva Dalal, Ashutosh Agrawal, Gaurav Lahoti, Punit Soni, Peeyush Ranjan and Pratyus Patnaik