• LaunchedNovember 2019
    FoundersAbraham Viktor, Andreas Resha and Robin Tan
    Co-InvestorAlpha JWC
    PublishedApril, 2020

Hangry is a fast-growing cloud kitchen that serves up multiple in-house ‘virtual restaurant’ brands for online orders and delivery.

By utilizing a common kitchen with shared staff and resources, Hangry’s asset-light cloud kitchen model allows it to produce quality food at affordable prices to cater to Indonesia’s fast-growing mobile-first population.

Indonesia’s large, fragmented F&B market is being disrupted by the fast rise of food delivery, driven by the country’s ride-hailing industry. Consumers, now used to the convenience of fast home delivery, are open to mobile-first food brands supported by strong reviews. Hangry, which is currently served up over GoFood and GrabFood, plans to launch its own app soon to drive wider discovery and distribution. 

The company launched in Jakarta in November 2019 with three brands and one kitchen; within four months it grew to four brands and 17 kitchens serving a wider delivery area. 

Indonesia’s internet economy has more than quadrupled in size since 2015 at an average growth rate of 49% a year, giving rise to a new generation of tech-savvy, mobile-first consumers who are very much open to digital-first F&B brands.

Hangry was founded by Abraham Viktor, Andreas Resha, and Robin Tan, who all worked together at OVO, an Indonesian fintech unicorn. Abraham also co-founded Taralite, a P2P lending startup that was later acquired by OVO. They also held various roles in investment banking and consulting earlier in their careers.