• LaunchedAugust 2021
    FoundersKevin Sandjaja and Ricky Christie
    Co-InvestorsEast Ventures, Skystar Capital and Stem Ventures
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Grupin is a social commerce platform based in Indonesia that offers an interactive, community-based shopping experience to consumers, along with the benefit of large discounts on bulk consumer products.

The team is on a mission to build a space where people can find, discover, and band together to get great deals consistently, while sharing their experiences socially – significant in a market like Indonesia that has a very high penetration of users across multiple social media channels.

Through Grupin, groups of people can combine their purchases to get significant discounts at scale. Consumers also get access to different deals that are constantly adjusted based on their location, browsing behaviour, buying preference and purchasing power. Grupin proactively offers new deals to consumers, exposing them to new brands, produce and even locally-made products they may not know about or not have top of mind, creating a different discovery experience than search-based e-commerce sites.

For merchants and farmers, the opportunity to sell and ship in bulk drastically reduces operating costs and inventory wastage – savings they can pass on to the end consumer.

Grupin was founded in Indonesia by Kevin Sandjaja and Ricky Christie in January 2021. Kevin served as the CEO of Pegipegi, and has also held different roles at Traveloka, P&G and Philip Morris International. Ricky, a computer science graduate with eight years of experience in building large-scale systems, was an early employee at Traveloka, where he led engineering teams that governed best practices in the company.