• LaunchedApril 2018
    FoundersAbhinav Prakash, Ankit Abhishek, Devvarat Meena, Parth Pratik and Shukant Agrawal
    Co-InvestorsIndia Quotient
    PublishedApril, 2019

Flynote believes that seeing the world is the ultimate form of education.

Flynote is building a global community of freelance travel enthusiasts, called Flynote Fellows, who travel, learn and experience the world on the company’s sponsorship. Flynote Fellows then use the company’s technology platform to monetise their interest and expertise by helping millennials plan and book personalized holidays.

Because Flynote Fellows live an experience before they recommend it, they’re able to offer a tailored and authentic experience for travellers.  Flynote’s platform is designed to help this network of travel enthusiasts grow and use their knowledge to attract more customers through community referrals, grow their own micro-businesses and inspire more people to travel.

The company was started in Bangalore in 2016 by a band of travel enthusiasts, including Abhinav Prakash, Devvarat Meena, Ankit Abhishek, Parth Pratik and Shukant Agrawal. Most of them attended IIT Kanpur together; and Abhinav and Ankit ran a travel startup before starting Flynote. The company refined their model in April 2018.\

*Flynote is now Vibecity