• LaunchedJuly 2019
    FoundersQuang Tran and Hang Pham
    PublishedNovember, 2020

Epsilo is a SaaS company that helps e-commerce marketers and category managers deliver effective advertising operations across the leading online retail platforms in Southeast Asia.

The company leverages integrations with these platforms to enable companies to seamlessly track and optimise in-platform marketing efforts and operational controls across multiple brands, SKUs, websites and countries from within the Epsilo ecosystem.

E-commerce has hit an inflection point across Southeast Asia with the market projected to cross $40 billion in 2020. Large regional companies such as Lazada and Shopee, as well as leading country players like Tokopedia, have launched in-platform performance marketing, which provides very strong return on ad spend. E-commerce advertising is growing very quickly and brands of all sizes are migrating their digital dollars to these platforms.

This presents brands with a challenge – the advertising tools built by the e-commerce platforms are still nascent, requiring significant human capital to operate. Epsilo closes the gap by offering higher levels of intelligence and automation, thereby enabling brands to scale up their in-platform performance marketing efforts on e-commerce platforms, simplify campaign management and increase sales.

Epsilo, which is based across Vietnam and Singapore, was founded by Quang Tran and Hang Pham in January 2019. The company has customers across six Southeast Asian countries. Quang studied Applied Mathematics in Paris and spent several years with telecom and cloud company NTT before taking the leap into e-commerce with Lazada. Hang is an experienced entrepreneur who has launched several companies across Southeast Asia. Both are serial entrepreneurs who most recently launched AAD, an e-commerce enabler in Southeast Asia, together.