• LaunchedMarch 2021
    FoundersAntara Sara Mathai, Kumar Puspesh and Natasha Ardiani
    Co-InvestorsAC Ventures, Kenangan Investment Fund, and Angels*
    PublishedJune, 2021

Durianpay is building a fully integrated and comprehensive payments stack that enables businesses to grow and scale. Their vision is to modernise payments across SEA, which helps improve both customer and merchant experiences. 

Durianpay has launched in Indonesia with a one-stop-solution for frictionless checkout, easy-to-integrate modern APIs and single dashboard to manage payments and financial needs better. 

The last few years have signalled the tremendous potential of Southeast Asia and a consumer market boom has led to the birth of some of the biggest e-commerce companies and super apps in the world. However, Indonesia’s payments sector hasn’t really kept pace with this growth – and is still a bit fragmented. There is a proliferation of  payment methods, lack of mobile optimisation and dependency on several manual processes. This leads to problems for consumers and merchants – from high cart abandonment rates due to friction at checkout to time-consuming, error and fraud-prone manual steps.

Millions of small e-commerce sellers could benefit from a simple, seamless payments system which works for their customers across multiple payment gateways and payment options. Some existing solutions require complex integrations, while others leave business owners to reconcile their payments manually; most have high costs that deter many small businesses. 

The team at Durianpay sees an opportunity to build localised solutions in the region for businesses to manage their payment processes better and faster. They have built their products and solutions keeping developers in mind to solve for the technology gap in the market, making life easier for businesses while providing a next-gen, secure and customised product experience.

Through a single integration, Durianpay offers businesses and developers access to a wide range of payment options, as well as a no-code interface where businesses can create workflows which put the merchant’s payment infrastructure on autopilot. Checkout and payment are now completely customisable by the merchant. As a result, businesses have the ability to transform their payment infrastructure without requiring external intervention, as well as the ability to connect third-party solutions for fraud, KYC, CRM or Business Intelligence directly into this system without creating additional burden on their product, finance or tech teams.

Durianpay was founded by Antara Sara Mathai, Kumar Puspesh and Natasha Ardiani in September 2020 in Jakarta. The company has headquarters in Singapore and Indonesia. Antara has led product teams at notable players in FinTech and SaaS, including Citrus Pay and OnlinePajak. She received an MBA at INSEAD. Kumar Puspesh previously co-founded Moonfrog, one of the top game development companies in India. Across his stints at Moonfrog and Zynga, he led teams building high-scale tech and products for South Asia. He received a masters degree in computer science from IIT Kharagpur. Natasha launched Shopee Indonesia’s digital payment and PayLater businesses. She also led OVO’s lending and collection business. She holds two master’s degrees in public policy and administration, and is well versed with Indonesia’s regulatory framework.

*Angel Investors: Ankiti Bose, Ankit Jain, Harshet Lunani, Joe Wadakethalakal, Reynold Wijaya, Sai Srinivas, and Tanay Tayal