• LaunchedMarch 2016
    FoundersManas Ranjan Hota and Vijender Reddy
    PublishedApril, 2020

DrinkPrime is a pioneer in subscription-based smart water purifiers in India.

The company was founded in Bengaluru in 2016 with the mission to bring clean, affordable drinking water to India where millions of people cannot access pure drinking water. DrinkPrime leverages IoT technology and a seven-stage filtration process to produce clean drinking water from the tap in any consumer’s home.

Currently, the quality of tap water in most parts of India is not potable. About 35% of urban India obtains drinking water from water cans, though more than half the water cans in circulation do not meet government-approved safety standards. They are also cumbersome to order and lacking in hygiene. Traditional water purifiers on the other hand, are expensive, and recurring service costs make it a less desirable option.

DrinkPrime offers users a flexible alternative where they don’t have to worry about installing, maintaining, or upgrading their water purifiers every few years. Using a monthly “pay-per-use” model, switching to DrinkPrime means consumers only ever have to pay for the water they consume. The purifier is connected to a cloud via the DrinkPrime app, meaning users can check on their water quality, and pay their bills seamlessly; while DrinkPrime’s team of technicians can remotely monitor the purifier and schedule maintenance when needed.

DrinkPrime was co-founded by Vijender Reddy, an ex-AMD researcher, who has experience building both hardware and software from scratch, and Manas Hota, an MBA graduate with experience building high-performance teams at Sonata Software.

*Angel investors: Bharat Jaisinghani, FirstCheque and Kunal Bahl