• LaunchedSeptember 2018
    FounderJennifer Zhang
    PublishedApril, 2019

DancingMind is VR-led healthtech company that creates engaging and interactive therapy modules for stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s and cognitively-impaired patients.

In a world where both therapists and therapy are extremely limited and costly, DancingMind tackles the problem of supply, and automates parts of therapy to increase affordability and accessibility to therapy.

At the core of DancingMind’s offering is a Virtual Reality-based ‘one to many’ remote therapy product that combines physical and cognitive therapy with entertainment, improving patient motivation and retention. DancingMind has signed up 15 healthcare facilities within Singapore and the UK in six months of launch and has ambitions to make therapy accessible and mainstream globally.

DancingMind was founded in Singapore by Jennifer Zhang, a people-driven technopreneur. Before studying Math and Computer Science at Oxford University, she built healthcare solutions and profitable businesses. At 15, she created an award-winning smart home and fall detection system for people with Dementia. At 18, she created a successful TechEd startup. She has also worked at Roche and Facebook.