• Launched October 2021 in beta
    FoundersJocelin Ho and Wen Shaw
    Co-InvestorPear VC
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Cooby is re-imagining sales management for a messaging-first world by building the best-in-class engagement and team management solutions on top of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and LINE.

Cooby’s sales engagement tool helps individuals organise their customer conversations and boost inbox productivity. Their team management solution provides full transparency into WhatsApp and LINE, enabling a smooth flow of data, information, and feedback that empowers each and every level of your sales organisation to evolve and get better – from frontline to the directors.

Increasingly, sales conversations happen through messaging apps because customers prefer more collaborative and real-time communication. Businesses understand this, but many struggle to engage their leads and existing clients through WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. They grapple with issues like data ownership, transparency, visibility, activity tracking and legal protection due to the lack of data integration on WhatsApp. Cooby equips these teams with privacy-protected account setup, data sync, analytics dashboard, e-discovery and collaboration interface to regulate WhatsApp and enhance their sales. Cooby provides visibility to customer conversations and sales activities on a single platform.

Cooby was founded in November 2020 by Jocelin Ho and Wen Shaw in Taiwan. Jocelin graduated from Stanford with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and worked as a Tech Lead at Instagram and Facebook along with other roles at Google, Ericsson and Gogolook. An alumnus of Columbia University, Wen Shaw has worked as a Product Manager at Facebook, Dropbox along with other experiences at IBM, Touch of Modern and Percolata.