• LaunchedOctober 2019
    FoundersTamanna Dhamija and Tarun Dhamija
    Co-InvestorIvyCap Ventures
    PublishedApril, 2020

Convosight is the world’s first community management platform that uses the power of data analytics and machine learning to help admins and brands create, moderate, grow and leverage communities meaningfully. With a vision to create and empower community entrepreneurs, Convosight provides a product suite that allows Facebook group admins to track growth trends and conversation insights, control spam and manage content through smart recommendations. 

There are half a billion engaged users across online communities in Facebook today, created by individuals, influencers or businesses around common interests or pain points. While these groups are some of the most engaged channels on social media, a lack of tools have prevented admins from adequately growing and sustaining them.

A number of admins today are looking to monetise their communities through commerce, subscriptions, offline events and brand partnerships. With Convosight, admins can now increase both growth and engagement within their groups. 

Since its launch in October 2019, in a span of six months, Convosight is being leveraged by 2500+ communities with over 30 million community members. The company currently works with some of the world’s largest Fortune 100 companies such as Nestle, J&J, Reckitt Benckiser, P&G and Abbott, helping the brands build meaningful communities and engage better with their consumers.

Convosight was co-founded by Tamanna Dhamija and Tarun Dhamija – founders with decades of collective experience in finance, data analytics and technology in the US and India. Tamanna and Tarun started their entrepreneurial journey after shifting from New York to India in 2016. Tarun has worked across Deutsche Bank and Citigroup. Tamanna worked with DSP BlackRock, General Motors Asset Management and is also founder of ‘Doctors For You USA’, a non-profit based in the US and India. Kartik started his career at Microsoft and worked in several early-stage startups before joining the founding team of Convosight. Prior to Convosight, Tamanna and Tarun founded Baby Destination, the largest organically grown network of parenting communities in India.