• Launched January 2019
    FoundersEvan Wong and James Han
    Co-InvestorTidal Ventures
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Checkbox is a no-code Expert Process Automation (EPA) platform enabling business users to develop their own tools and software using intuitive ‘drag and drop’ technology.

Conventionally, businesses tend to depend on IT teams for their digitisation needs. However, the IT teams’ lack of capacity can often be a bottleneck in the process, leading to delayed timelines and increased costs. Even when IT is able to deliver such solutions, the cost of ownership is high given that expert processes require domain specific knowledge and business rules can change regularly under time sensitive business deadlines.

Checkbox solves this by empowering non-IT users to build their own apps to automate expert processes using only ‘drag and drop’. As a truly no-code platform, Checkbox unlocks the ability for organisations to scale their digitisation and automation through ‘citizen developers’, the business users who now have greater control over development costs and timelines, and flexibility to respond to user feedback or process changes.

Over one thousand apps have been built on the Checkbox platform which have been used to automate hundreds of thousands of processes including intake and triage, document automation, approval workflows, and self-service assessments and advice. Checkbox is used by legal teams, human resources, compliance, and many other functions within organisations. The startup has delivered over one hundred thousand hours in productivity gains for its customers globally including PwC, Allianz, and Coca-Cola, as well as government agencies.

Checkbox was founded in June 2016 by Evan Wong and James Han in Sydney, Australia. Evan founded Hero Education and was a Management Consultant at KPMG Australia. James previously worked for LEK Consulting and Fjord and was also a Vice President at 180 Degrees Consulting.