• LaunchedJune 2017
    FoundersDev Sanghani and Sohel Sanghani
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Canary Mail is reimagining email security for modern businesses and individuals. With easy to use email encryption, protection from inbound threats, and human error prevention, Canary Mail delivers 360 degree email security and helps achieve regulatory compliance without compromising on user experience.

Email security is a key pillar of cybersecurity. Over 90% of malicious attacks on enterprises originate via email. Perimeter or rule-based approaches leveraged by legacy email security products don’t work for sophisticated threats that target a remote workforce, and fail to prevent human error that results in an average cost of $3.8 million incurred per incident.

Canary Mail’s comprehensive email security platform combines an ML-based detection engine, cloud and gateway based protection, along with consumer-grade email clients and plugins that offer an unmatched user experience. Not only does Canary Mail reduce the time spent on training and deployment by IT teams and security leaders by up to 95%, it also guides end users on security best practices and provides in-the-moment training on handling security risks. As a result, businesses achieve better email security while reducing administrative burdens and non-compliance risks. Canary Mail is trusted by 300,000+ users around the world, including cybercrime experts at top European government agencies.

Canary Mail was founded by Dev and Sohel Sanghani. With a CS degree from Caltech, Dev led the performance engineering team at Pocket Gems, a leading video game design company based in San Francisco. Sohel has a Bachelor’s degree in CS and a Master’s in International Relations and Finance from Johns Hopkins SAIS. He previously worked at Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s leading hedge-funds.