• LaunchedJune 2022
    FoundersDonna Lee and Duncan van Bergen
    Co-InvestorsGoose Capital, New Climate Ventures, Susquehanna and Time Zero Capital
    PublishedMarch, 2023

Calyx Global helps businesses choose better carbon credits with rigorous and independent carbon credit ratings. Their mission is to increase the impact of carbon markets on the planet and people, while offering buyers and traders of credits a powerful tool to manage financial and reputational risk.

Corporate action on climate change is driving growing interest in voluntary carbon markets, leading to expectations of significant growth this decade and through to 2050. But there is often a lack of clarity on whether carbon credits actually represent what they claim in the fight against climate change or as a contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Unfortunately, research into the quality of certified credits shows that there is significant variability – from good to junk. This makes it difficult for anyone who wants to choose credits with real impact to know which credits to buy.

Companies that use carbon credits for offsetting, as well as brokers, traders, investors, marketplaces and exchanges that buy or sell credits, want reliable assurance that the credits they choose won’t burden them with a reputational or financial liability. As such, higher degrees of transparency are needed, with a clear system for assessing quality and additionality of carbon credits.

To deliver this, Calyx Global has developed rigorous, evidence-based and comprehensive frameworks to rate the greenhouse gas integrity and sustainable development goal impact of carbon credits. The company’s systematic approach is built on decades of experience with different types of carbon crediting including a wide range of credit types from renewable energy and waste to forestry and household technologies such as cookstoves. Calyx’s online subscription platform and research products provide convenient access to Calyx Ratings and related insights.

Calyx Global is working with a growing list of companies across the globe and across industries that recognise the need for added scrutiny in their choice of carbon credits, including Meta, Salesforce, Mitsui, Southwest Airlines, Dimensional Fund Advisors and others.

Calyx Global was founded in 2021 by climate change and carbon market experts, Donna Lee and Duncan van Bergen. Donna is a former representative and negotiator on climate issues for the US Government, and is also a member of the expert panel of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM). Duncan has over 20 years of experience working in global energy markets. Prior to co-founding Calyx Global, he built and led one of the largest global carbon project development and marketing businesses.