• LaunchedJanuary 2021
    FoundersAmit Dugar, Shankar Ganapathy and Shyam HN
    Co-InvestorsEmergent Ventures and Stellaris Venture Partners
    PublishedAugust, 2022

BuyerAssist helps B2B revenue teams win enterprise deals and grow customer accounts using Mutual Success Plans (MSPs) to align and collaborate effectively with their buyers throughout the journey.

The company’s customer collaboration platform allows sellers and buyers to collaborate on a single shared platform during a sales cycle through these MSPs.

Enterprise sales can be a complex process with multiple stakeholders and lengthy sales cycles. For revenue teams to win an enterprise deal today, they need to stand out from the competition; establish why they’re the best business partners for the prospect and enable a shared definition of the business problem, as well as a desired solution.

The current approach adopted by companies to help their revenue teams navigate this complexity can be inefficient and ineffective because it typically doesn’t provide buyers with one go-to place to access contextually relevant information at any time. This leads to wasted effort and erroneous data in revenue prediction.

BuyerAssist enables revenue teams to effectively collaborate with B2B buyers and transparently communicate with all parties involved in the process to retain stakeholders and to onboard new clients. The company also helps customers adopt a systematic approach, improve sales execution and provide an in-depth understanding of buyer preferences.

BuyerAssist was established in San Francisco in October 2020 by Amit Dugar, Shankar Ganapathy and Shyam HN. After graduating from IIT BHU, Amit led engineering teams at Mindtickle, BrowserStack and Cisco over nine years. Shankar, an alumnus of NIT Trichy, led teams at Mindtickle, SandI and Forum Business Research. He also co-founded HuntShire, a talent management platform. For over ten years, Shyam worked at Mindtickle, Energy Alternatives India, and Bank of America. He also co-founded Snowman Branding Services, an online brand management firm.