• LaunchedMay 2022
    FoundersSatheesh Ramdass and Vikram Venkatesan
    PublishedAugust, 2022

Boxs is a design-to-build automation platform for architects, interior designers and construction companies.

Small to mid-sized interior design companies typically have low and unpredictable margins because they don’t have full visibility over costs during the design stage and depend heavily on blue-collar workers, such as contractors and carpenters, to execute on their designs. There are often costly errors and huge delays in the design-to-build phase, which erode margins even more.

Until now, there have been no integrated systems to help interior design and construction companies manage the end-to-end process. These companies typically use Microsoft Excel and other small independent software products for costing, shop diagrams, and calculating the cost and optimization of materials. On an average, companies spend 20% more on materials and services than they need to.

Boxs is a design-to-procurement platform that architects, designers and construction companies can use to create any design, get a quote on the cost and then buy everything as ready-to-assemble, flat-packed components, similar to what you’d purchase from IKEA. By taking an integrated approach, Boxs helps customers go from design to build more efficiently, at better margins and on shorter timelines.

Boxs was founded in October 2021 by Satheesh Ramdass and Vikram Venkatesan in Chennai. The founders studied together at the College of Engineering, Guindy. After spending around 10 years in the tech industry, they bootstrapped their first company, Zenterior, where they learned the nitty-gritty dynamics of this sector and experienced the pain points first-hand. Satheesh has worked as a tech lead at organizations like Oracle, Microsoft and Vegrow. Vikram has led product and engineering teams at D.E. Shaw, Thoughtworks and Ally.io, and was the first employee at Chronus.

*Angel Investors: Amrit Acharya, Rahul Sharma, Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Titan Capital and Vishal Chaudhary