• LaunchedJune 2018
    FoundersIndra Gunawan and Antonius Bong
    Co-InvestorsAlphaJWC, Genesia, Agaeti, Everhaus
    PublishedApril, 2019

Bobobox is a tech-first Indonesian capsule hotel brand built for millennial adventurers, smart business travellers and anyone else who needs a quality rest during the course of their day.

Bobobox aims to define a new category in ‘on-demand sleep’ that customers can book anytime, anywhere for as long as they need it – for a couple of hours or a couple of days – via its app.

The company’s futuristic, insta-worthy pods are equipped with app-controlled door access, customizable lights, security, bluetooth speakers, a king-size bed, compact working space, and personal air conditioners. Each pod is meticulously designed to enhance guests’ experience, convenience, privacy, space and value.

The company was founded by Indra Gunawan, who has 10 years of experience running his own budget hotel chain, and Antonius Bong, who spent a decade in finance and real estate.

While capsule hotels are big in Japan, Bobobox’s offering represents a new concept in Indonesia. At present, about 80% of their guests are domestic travellers, and there is a large opportunity for Bobobox to create a new ‘staycation’ lifestyle for Indonesian millennials who want to take mini-getaways to holiday destinations with friends.

With a mission to improve people’s lives by enabling anyone who needs rest to get quality sleep, the company also plans to make Bobobox available across a wide range of facilities, like airports, train stations, coworking spaces and hospitals too.