• LaunchedMay 2021
    FoundersJamsheed Kamardeen, Vaibhav Prakash and Vishwanath Kollapudi
    Co-Investors3one4 Capital, PointOne Capital and Angels*
    PublishedJanuary, 2022

Blend is on a mission to turn every online seller into an e-commerce pro with an AI graphic design and marketing app that creates product visuals, social graphics, product descriptions and ads in seconds.

Small and mid-sized e-commerce sellers are often constrained by low marketing budgets, which limits their ability to boost traffic to their listings on e-commerce marketplaces, social platforms and websites. It also limits their access to quality product pictures and ad designs.

With Blend, merchants simply snap a photo of the product, and the app’s AI generates a ton of variations and combinations of product catalogues for e-commerce sites and social channels, crafting product titles and descriptions that are optimised for SEO. A jewellery store owner, for example, can generate assets that include images of earrings, bangles, and pendants over five different backgrounds and colours with a copy for a deal (20% off, for instance) or that touts hallmark gold. Blend also recommends related marketplaces, SEO titles, descriptions and price lists to the sellers and can launch and manage ads on Facebook, Google, Amazon and other platforms – a holistic approach to grow sales and maximise profits in marketplace and social media platforms.

Blend was founded in March 2021 by Jamsheed Kamardeen, Vaibhav Prakash and Vishwanath Kollapudi in Bengaluru. As VP of Engineering at Locus, Jamsheed led a team of 30 engineers, and also built and scaled supply chain workflows that processed two million deliveries per day. Vaibhav was the Director of Jarvis Technology and Strategy Consulting and helped scale the company’s ARR to $4 million and previously worked at the intersection of product and growth during the early days of Ola. Vishwanath co-founded Drivojoy and previously worked at the intersection of product and business finance during the early days of Ola.

*Angel Investors: Amrish Rau, Jitendra Gupta, Prabh Simran and Sweta Rau