• LaunchedMay 2019
    FoundersDaya Rai, Jitender Bedwal, Mahesh Jakhotia, Nukul Upadhye and Nikhil Tripathi
    Co-InvestorsOmidyar Network, Omnivore Partners and angels
    PublishedOctober, 2019

Bijak is a B2B trade platform for the agricultural sector in India that enables traders, wholesalers and food processers to keep a ledger of their transactions, access transparent pricing, optimise logistics and improve their working capital cycles.

Bijak brings accountability and transparency in the agricultural value chain through a buyer/seller rating system that’s based on real time transaction data. Users on the platform can leverage those ratings to identify and trade with reliable counterparts. Bijak’s approach of enabling the existing players in the value chain underscores the company’s vision to be a trusted partner of the agriculture commerce community.

Most commodity traders refer to invoice details as Bijak, and that is where the app derives its name from. The app, which is highly customised for agriculture commodity traders, is available in a number of local languages and uses the same terminology that’s typically used in major wholesale markets (known as mandis).

Bijak was founded in January 2019 by Nukul Upadhye, Mahesh Jakhotia, Jitender Bedwal, Daya Rai and Nikhil Tripathi who, together, have deep experience spanning a range of fields including agri-tech, finance, consulting and SaaS. The app was launched in May.

Angel investors: Better Capital, Nipun Mehra