• LaunchedApril 2021
    FoundersRishabjit Singh, Sarthak Vijay and Shiva Dhawan
    Co-InvestorInfo Edge Ventures
    PublishedAugust, 2022

Attentive is a vertical SaaS company that’s building a sales automation platform for America’s outdoor services contractors.

The outdoor services industry in the US, which includes landscaping, paving, snow removal and pest control, is powered by over 600,000 contractors and is worth over $200 billion. Accurate site measurements, which are the most critical input for the sales process, is done entirely manually today. Contractors need to send teams to each site to take measurements to quote for even the smallest job – such as mowing a lawn or plowing a driveway.

Attentive is leveraging AI and computer vision to automate this process, providing contractors with access to accurate site measurements and tools to regulate their workflows efficiently. Contractors can use Attentive to generate real-time quotes, sell products and services online, manage customer relationships and more. Customers using the platform have reported a 3x increase in sales conversion, on average, since launch.

Attentive was founded as a services company in 2017 by Sarthak Vijay and Shiva Dhawan, and launched as a SaaS Platform in 2021. Rishabjit Singh, who joined Attentive in 2018 as product engineer and later became CTO, was elevated to cofounder in 2022. All three met at IIT Delhi.

Sarthak co-founded Attentive straight out of college, where he specialized in machine learning, product and data analytics. Shiva, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, worked as a business analyst for Kearney and co-founded Consulting for Social Good, a non-profit consulting firm before that. Rishabjit, who did his Bachelor of Engineering degree at IIT Delhi, worked at Adobe before joining Attentive.