• LaunchedJuly 2019
    FoundersPrukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka
    Co-InvestorWaterbridge Ventures
    PublishedApril, 2020

Atlan is building a home for data teams by bringing together diverse people, tools and data to create a frictionless collaboration experience.

Big data and data science are now critical to almost every corporation. As data science projects become ubiquitous and more people, from diverse backgrounds, take part in these projects, there is a need to create a System of Record that allows the data team to collaborate amongst themselves and with their business partners.

Atlan acts as a layer that allows various team members to collaborate while using the tools they prefer to work with, such as a business user on Excel, an analyst on SQL and a team of engineers on Python, making data science significantly more accessible to the organization.

Early customers of Atlan’s platform have found that the company’s DataOps-led approach, which focuses on reproducibility and automation, is helping data teams become 6X more agile and increasing their time-to-insight by up to 60X times. These dramatic improvements are made possible by the features of Atlan.

Atlan’s modern data workspace empowers diverse data users and consumers to take control of their analytics pipeline by powering analysts to deal with large volumes of data, set up and automate data pipelines and workflows without taking up engineering bandwidth; enabling business users to rapidly prototype big data projects and experiment with large-scale data using a no-code approach; and allowing engineers to spend time building new products rather than fixing pipelines and running reports by giving them an out-of-the-box DataOps orchestration management workspace. 

Atlan was founded in Singapore in 2019 by Prukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka. The duo previously founded SocialCops, a global data-for-good company that is behind landmark projects including India’s National Data Platform, global SDG monitoring in partnership with the United Nations, and India’s widely successful gas subsidy program, Ujjwala.  Atlan was incubated while building India’s National Data Platform – the largest & fastest deployment of its kind in the public sector.