• LaunchedMarch 2019
    FoundersAbraham Burak and Bahadir Ozdemir
    PublishedOctober, 2019

Airalo, the world’s first eSIM store, provides travellers connectivity and freedom through access to over 100 eSIMs from around the world at the most affordable, local rates.

The eSIM, better known as embedded SIM, is now built into the latest versions of numerous smartphones, tablets and PCs, giving users the option of having multiple data plans on one device without changing their physical SIM card. Airalo has partnered with hundreds of the world’s leading telcos to offer travellers access to local and global eSIMs.

Airalo aims to remove the stress people face in researching and seeking out the best roaming deal. The company’s vision is to help travellers stay connected, globally, while keeping it simple, affordable and hassle-free.

Airalo was founded in Singapore in March 2019 by Abraham Burak and Bahadir Ozdemir. Abraham has served as a legal and business consultant prior to Airalo. Bahadir is a serial entrepreneur with a background in shipping and telecommunications. His past startups include Wossco, a Foodpanda for ship supplies and Sim4Crew, a global MVNO for sailors.