• LaunchedAugust 2020
    FoundersAgam Khare and Prateek Rawat
    Co-InvestorsLetsVenture and Angels*
    PublishedJune, 2021

Absolute is building a plant bioscience and AI-driven adaptive platform for precision agriculture, which helps horticulture growers radically transform yields, grade and nutritional value of produce. 

In most developing economies, agriculture has been practised more as a tradition than a science. But in the absence of real-time farm and crop level data, and any quantitative scientific solution combining plant bioscience, agronomy, data and technology, precision agriculture becomes ambiguous and difficult to implement – leading to suboptimal output and under or misutilisation of resources. 

Absolute democratises precision agriculture by combining plant biology, AI, IoT, microbiology, hydrology, and engineering into an easy-to-implement precision-ag platform. At the heart of Absolute’s technology stack is the world’s first universally adaptive farm operating system, which works across diverse plantations including vertical farms, greenhouse and open farms. It uses real-time data and matches it with proprietary personalised farm-level crop recipes to achieve optimal growing parameters throughout the production cycle. Based on this, the platform also generates easy-to-understand actionable insights for the growers.  

Today, Absolute is building the world’s largest network of precision agricultural farms across diverse plantations. The team at Absolute has spent over four years in R&D before commercialising their technology and they have a very strong research DNA. The team has had the privilege of learning and working with some of the leading plant scientists from Stanford, Princeton, Univ. of Cambridge, Wageningen and Tel Aviv. 

Absolute was founded in 2015 by Agam Khare and Prateek Rawat. Agam started his career working with the 11th President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul  Kalam, and subsequently ran companies in industrial automation and clean energy space. Prateek has had a diverse career spanning technology, consulting, business and leadership roles at Adobe, Zinnov and Pitney Bowes.

*Angel Investors: Haldirams (Vevek Ventures), Nadir Godrej, and Sanjiv Rangrass