• LaunchedAugust 2020
    FoundersPaul Meinshausen, Sami Abboud, Schaun Wheeler and stealth founder
    PublishedNovember, 2020

Aampe turns customer communication into a retention growth engine. 

The future of customer engagement is continuous and personalised – an ongoing conversation rather than a series of blunt ‘blasts’. Personalised content and messaging engages customers and drives business growth. Aampe’s technology allows communication to adapt and keep up with fast-changing consumer behaviour by dynamically personalising message content, timing, and channels, based on experimentally generated customer insights. Aampe uses learnings from every message to further personalise the next stages of the conversation.

Aampe acts as an automated testing tool that allows messaging to be personalised for the individual customer, driving better retention. Aampe plugs into messaging tools that companies already use, allowing product managers, data scientists, and growth marketers to keep using their existing stack. It leverages machine (reinforcement) learning to personalise message content and timing for each individual, given everything you know about them. This results in messages that have an indelible impact on customer retention without the need for manually-driven A/B tests or ‘best-guess’ campaign blasts.

Aampe was founded in July 2020 in Singapore by Paul Meinshausen, Sami Abboud and Schaun Wheeler, who have worked together across multiple companies and several industries. Aampe also has a female co-founder, currently in stealth.

Paul was the co-founder of the FinTech company PaySense, which was acquired by PayU in 2019. Sami is a software developer and data scientist who earned his PhD in Neuroscience from the Sorbonne in Paris, and Schaun is an experienced data science leader who co-developed an award-winning consumer graph product at top US marketing and AdTech company, Valassis.