Surge gives you access to a seasoned network of founders, investment advisors and subject experts, who will serve as coaches and mentors throughout the program.

This community will work with you to make tangible progress towards launching or accelerating your companies.

Surge Team

Each company will work with the Surge team to define actionable 16-week goals. The team will help you lay down the overall strategy, track weekly progress and connect you to mentors and experts.


The Surge mentor panel consists of successful startup founders, operators, company builders and experienced investors.  These are people who have been there, done that!  They can help brainstorm growth hacks for your start-up or even get down into the weeds with you when required.



These are internal and external professionals that will be able to help you with their respective domains of technology, recruiting, marketing, finance, legal/compliance, and fund raising. If and when you have specific questions, such as how to scale your technology platform to deal with hypergrowth, or how to most effectively structure your ESOP pool, you may call upon help from these experts. Founders can request for 1×1 office hours with experts throughout the program.


At Surge we aim to collaborate with the broader early stage ecosystem; we will invite other funds, angel investors and ecosystem partners to mentor founders and take part in future funding rounds.


(n) A sharp swell or wave. Sudden, powerful growth. A marked increase in voltage. (v) To rise, or move forward, quickly.