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    Supercharging Surge startups with 10x engineers

    By Team Surge 16 May'19

    A talented tech team can have an outsized impact on a startup’s trajectory, especially in its early days. So during Week Two of Surge, which took place in Bangalore, we had one main goal: to show founders what tech superpowers look like, then help them find a superstar of their own.

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  • Game on – Surge 02 is here!

    Team Surge 13 May'19

    We’re excited to start accepting applications for Surge 02. Since the application volume for Surge 01 was far greater than we expected, it led to a very intense and short selection process. So we are going to do a “rolling acceptance” for Surge 02 with the intent that it will give us a chance to engage startups early. This means we will meet founders and offer funding terms to strong startups before the final deadline on July 15.  Surge 02 will also now offer a flexible investment amount of USD$1M to $2M, versus a fixed amount of USD$1.5M per startup in Surge 01.

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  • Meet the founding startups of Surge 01

    Team Surge 19 Apr'19

    We’re psyched to announce the first group of founders to join Surge, which kicked off in Singapore on March 25. Surge 01 2019 is comprised of an inspiring set of ambitious entrepreneurs who span eight nationalities, with headquarters in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

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  • 10 takeaways from Week One of Surge

    Team Surge 12 Apr'19

    Surge 01 is now in full swing! Founders from 17 startups met for the first time in Singapore on March 25 for Week One, and it was exciting to watch them share their war stories, ambitions and ideas and start to connect, as a community. Week One of Surge was action-packed, and founders continued debating and discussing key points with speakers and among themselves during breaks and into the evenings; so we decided to crowdsource and collate the cohort’s 'Top 10 Week One Takeaways' via our Slack channel to capture some of the points that hit home. Here’s what they had to say.

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    Launching 10x Engineer @ Surge

    Anandamoy Roychowdhary 08 Mar'19

    For most engineers, the prospect of working on a nascent product or idea that’s just taking shape is deeply compelling. But too many high-impact engineers in India and SE Asia steer clear of startup roles because they don’t feel they can evaluate the startup’s idea or founding team, or worry about ESOP. Surge's 10x Engineer initiative aims to resolve that dilemma for the next generation of rockstar engineers.

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    Startup Recruiting: Halt and Catch Fire

    Anandamoy Roychowdhary and Anirudh Bose Mullick 06 Mar'19

    Startups across the region are struggling to hire engineers. We think it is time to HCF the current hiring methods that overindex on compensation in terms of salaries. It’s time to create a new method that motivates and incentivizes talented engineers to take on early startup assignments.

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