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Hire For Sales Operations Early
Team Surge 22 Sep'22

“It's one of the few organizations that literally interfaces into every function in the company.” – Sequoia Capital’s Carl Eschenbach lays out why sales operations is the central nervous system of any business and why it’s important to fill those roles early on....

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Clarity is Key to Your Story and Your Product
Team Surge 19 Sep'22

“You want to show the substance of what you’ve built.” – Sequoia Southeast Asia’s Pieter Kemps lays out how he thinks startup founders can begin articulating their stories and their product capabilities in their pitch deck. Watch for more....

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Pathfinders: Opening Doors For Global Startups from India & SEA
Team Surge 09 Sep'22

Pathfinders connects founders with global ambitions with operators and investors who can help them develop their international go-to-market strategy, make key hires, think through design choices and more....

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Meet the Audacious Founders of Surge 07
Team Surge 22 Aug'22

What a blast it’s been connecting with the incredible founders of Surge 07 in Singapore, where we recently wrapped up Week One of the program. This amazing Surge cohort is made up of 37 accomplished founders across 15 startups leveraging technology and consumer insights to drive innovation in India, Southeast Asia and the world. Founders […]...

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Stay in Touch With The Market By Iterating Fast
Team Surge 08 Aug'22

“The only way to measure speed of execution is the number of releases you're making”, says MPL’s Sai Srinivas. Watch him break down why startup founders should make weekly product releases, and how doing it can benefit your startup....

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OKRs: Why Execution is Key to Building an Enduring Company
Team Surge 04 Aug'22

OKRs should be aspirational as well as committed. Keeping the two in tandem develops drive and an appetite for risk. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing OKRs; they are tailored to each organisation. Surge's Rajan Anandan outlines how founders can effectively structure their OKRs to power growth....

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