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Why the Ability to Exercise Good Judgment is Your Key to Success
Team Surge 20 Jul'23

Good judgment is the compass that guides successful organizations. CRED’s founder and CEO, Kunal Shah, stresses the importance of identifying and supporting individuals who exhibit this trait to steer your team towards effective decision-making and lasting accomplishments....

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Defining Your Startup’s Culture
Team Surge 14 Jun'23

Defining and articulating your startup’s values in the early days is often the last thing on a founder's mind. But, it's a task that plays a critical role in setting the tone for future team members and aligns them to your company’s culture. If you’re daunted by the idea or not even sure where to start, here’s some inspiration from the team at Beam [Surge 07]. The startup’s CEO and co-founder, Win Vareekasem, shares how they ran a culture workshop with their team....

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FAQs On OKRs For Early-Stage Startups
Team Surge 30 Mar'23

For early-stage startups, implementing OKRs can be intimidating. Surge’s Rajan Anandan answers some FAQs on how founders can get started and ensure the entire company stays laser-focused on their top priorities....

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Why We Launched Surge
Team Surge 24 Mar'23

Surge turns 4 this week, and we’ve grown into a community of 300+ founders and 130+ startups! It’s been a huge privilege for our team to play a small part in helping the 8 cohorts we’ve had so far. Watch Sequoia India & Southeast Asia's Shailendra Singh lay out the idea and vision for Surge....

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Build Trust Across a Globally Distributed Team
Team Surge 15 Mar'23

LingoAce’s Hugh Yao spoke to founders at Surge about how the team at LingoAce work to transform challenges into opportunities and how he’s building the startup, named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023 by Fast Company....

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Surge 08 is Out to Change the World!
Team Surge 01 Mar'23

Each of our Surge 08 founders is inspiring us by their pioneering work and their ability to reimagine their sectors. We caught a glimpse of what the world could look like over the next decade in healthcare, AI, gaming, e-commerce and consumer brands and we’re so excited to partner with them at the start of this exciting journey!...

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