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Log 9 Materials: Revolutionizing the energy sector with aluminum fuel cells
Team Surge 11 Jan'20

Log 9 Materials (Surge 02 2019) is leveraging its expertise in graphene nanotechnology to build and scale fully recyclable, emissions-free aluminium-air fuel cells that can power cars, homes and communities....

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Surge 02 2019: Week Four
Team Surge 18 Dec'19

“What makes for a good founder? I actually think storytelling is a vital, vital part… If people can’t tell stories, I don’t think they succeed as leaders.” Our Surge 02 2019 founders met in San Francisco for Week Four to take masterclasses in sales, marketing and storytelling....

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Telio: Accelerating Vietnam’s mom & pop shops through B2B e-commerce
Team Surge 17 Dec'19

Mom and pop shops are the backbone of Vietnam’s retail sector and play an important role in the country’s economy.  Telio, one of the startups in the first cohort of Surge, connects these small retailers with brands and wholesalers on a centralized B2B e-commerce platform that delivers more choice, better pricing and more efficient logistics.  The company’s mission: to power small businesses through technology. ...

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Hiring for a growth mindset
Team Surge 12 Dec'19

Want to hire great people? Look for a growth mindset, says Surge mentor & Gojek founder Nadiem Makarim. “It doesn’t matter what they know, at any given time. What matters is their potential to learn and motivation to get better every day.”...

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Surge 02 2019: Week Three
Team Surge 11 Dec'19

Week Three in China was all about hypergrowth, scale and the power of perspective. Surge 02 2019 founders met in Beijing to check it all out first hand - and think about their startup journey from a new vantage point. ...

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What to look for when hiring engineers
Team Surge 05 Dec'19

Don’t hire engineers who can’t show you code that they can talk about, says Gojek's Sidu Ponnappa. "Look for a portfolio, and look for a taste... Ask them what they love, then tell them to tell you what they hate about what they love."...

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