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What to look for when hiring engineers
Team Surge 05 Dec'19

Don’t hire engineers who can’t show you code that they can talk about, says Gojek's Sidu Ponnappa. "Look for a portfolio, and look for a taste... Ask them what they love, then tell them to tell you what they hate about what they love."...

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Surge 02 2019: Week Two
Team Surge 12 Nov'19

Week Two in Bangalore focused on tech, product and design - and how to hire high-calibre engineers. #GetReadyToSurge...

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Three questions to find PMF
Team Surge 29 Oct'19

Who is your target customer? Why will your customers love you? And how do you make this a habit? Sequoia's Rajan Anandan shares three questions to help find product market fit....

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Surge 02 2019: Week One
Team Surge 19 Oct'19

In Week One of Surge 02 2019, which kicked off on Sept. 23 in Singapore, founders laid the groundwork for building a legendary company....

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Meet the startups in Surge 02 2019
Team Surge 09 Oct'19

We are thrilled to welcome in Surge 02 a deeply committed and passionate group of founders who are solving a wide range of problems  across a diverse set of industry verticals, including Consumer Internet, EdTech, AgTech, Clean Energy, Social Commerce, Fintech, SaaS, Robotics and DTC brands....

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Surge applications are now open all year round
Team Surge 08 Oct'19

Starting today, you will be able to apply for Surge all year round. As soon as the applications for one batch close, the next batch will open immediately on the following day. So you can apply to Surge at any point – and you’ll hear back within a specific time frame. ...

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