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Software: Build or Buy?
Team Surge 19 May'22

"If you have to deliver a table… What you do is you bring all the components together and just assemble the table.” Check out Sequoia India’s Ajey Gore’s analogy that might help you decide on whether to build or buy software when creating your product....

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Make the Right Moves to Prioritize Product Features
Team Surge 06 May'22

How do you experiment with product prioritisation? Prem Ramaswami, President of Urban Products at Sidewalk Labs, suggests to think of it like “pruning a decision tree” – by writing a hypothesis and testing it with your target users....

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Assessing and Hiring Specialists
Team Surge 13 Apr'22

Sai Srinivas, Co-Founder and CEO of MPL, shares his experience of building out his core team and how to review potential specialists to join a company....

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Increase the Standard of Giving
Team Surge 11 Apr'22

Girish Mathrubootham, Co-Founder and CEO of Freshworks, invites founders who are starting to reap the rewards of their success to give back to their communities....

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Make Hiring Key Talent Your Number One Priority
Team Surge 30 Mar'22

“Ultimately, the success of your business depends on the people who drive that business.” Eruditus’ Ashwin Damera advises founders to spend 60% of their time on hiring. Watch to find out why he thinks it’s a move that will benefit your company in the long run....

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Cut down integration problems by setting customer expectations
Team Surge 28 Mar'22

Has a client ever changed their expectations of your product midway through integration? Mad Street Den and’s co-founder and CEO Ashwini Asokan guides startup founders through how to build a customer onboarding playbook to minimise integration cycles in the future....

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