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Create A Product Ethos That Furthers Your Company’s Mission
Team Surge 01 Dec'21

Establishing your product ethos is the first step in building out a product roadmap. Sequoia India’s Harshjit Sethi lays out how founders can develop a strong product ethos to further their company's mission....

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Hiring Engineers and Why Your Company Reputation Matters
Team Surge 24 Nov'21

Engineers are in high demand, so how do you convince them to join your startup? Scaler Academy’s Anshuman Singh details how founders can give future team members the best hiring experience before they even join the company....

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Why You Should Hire Moonshot Talent
Team Surge 19 Nov'21

As a founder, you need to know your super powers and be able to recognise your blind spots. This will help you figure out who you can hire to complement your skills. Watch Surge’s Rajan Anandan for more on finding the perfect match for your team....

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The Fellowship of Surge 05
Team Surge 09 Nov'21

Presenting a tale of grit and resilience, of true believers working against the odds in their quest to build the next league of legendary companies. Here’s to the inspiring founders of Surge 05 as they embark on an odyssey of epic proportions....

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How Corporate Culture Impacts Performance
Team Surge 02 Nov'21

A strong company culture is more than words on a wall - it's the engine for growth. Sequoia India's Pieter Kemps breaks down the connection between culture and business performance....

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Focus on Your Customers Before Your Investors
Team Surge 29 Oct'21

“The customer’s money is more important than the investor’s money.” Info Edge’s Sanjeev Bikhchandani explains to Surge 04 founders why entrepreneurs should focus on winning customers before capital....

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