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Find your customers’ watering holes
Team Surge 03 Jul'19

Want to reduce your customer acquisition cost?  Think about how predators work in the wild. Find your customers’ “watering holes” and be there, waiting, with your product or service, says CRED founder Kunal Shah....

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Startup culture starts with introspection
Team Surge 11 Jun'19

Pieter Kemps explores how successful startup founders give shape to their company culture, co-create that culture with their leadership team -  then socialize it with the rest of the organization.  “It’s not something you park on the side, but something you have to live every day.”...

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Optimize for speed: Get from OK to awesome for a high-impact launch
Team Surge 07 Jun'19

Mobile Premier League became India’s #1 gaming app, and the 5th most downloaded app, just seven months after the product’s launch in Sept 2018. MPL founder & Surge mentor Sai Srinivas talks about how startups can optimize for speed for a high-impact product launch. ...

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Drive velocity with an ‘anti-product’ roadmap
Team Surge 05 Jun'19

A lack of clarity in product thinking is shown when startups ship a bunch of features and see what sticks. Tackle this with an ‘anti-product’ roadmap to reclaim the real estate, increase velocity & push your successful features even further: Sequoia's Harshjit Sethi....

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Touching Lives: The Startup Engineer
Team Surge 30 May'19

GO-JEK helped drivers, food merchants and small business owners - who deliver everything from beauty services to house cleaning on the platform - earn over $3.1B in 2018. And that’s on top of getting millions of Indonesians where they need to go. GO-JEK’s CTO Ajey Gore talks about what it means to be a startup #10xEngineer, and to help drive innovation & change. ...

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Double Click On The “Why?”
Team Surge 28 May'19

Zilingo started off as a B2C fashion e-commerce marketplace, but quickly began adding new services – including procurement, financial services, trends, analytics and supply chain management – when they saw the challenges faced by merchants using their platform. Today, the majority of Zilingo’s business comes from serving B2B merchants across ASEAN. If you stay super-close to your customers and drill down on their pain points, says Zilingo Co-founder & Surge mentor Ankiti Bose, you’ll be in a better position to evolve your business to capture new opportunities....

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